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If I’m having a bit of a shocker I usually grab some kind of fun board and find my mates and that does the trick. Ethan Ewing, Top 44 surfer

The soft top is a good surf board. I watch some of the locals ride 7′ waves on them. You can also maneuver in the pocket and even ride the nose. Micky Don

These days a soft surfboard is an essential part of any quiver, especially for Summer! Long gone is the stigma that only kooks or beginners ride them. Lucy Rimmer

Due to modern technology, you can get all these benefits without sacrificing too much performance! 99% of the waves people ride on a surfboard are still rideable on a softboard. Lots of experienced riders now see riding softboard in serious waves as a new challenge! Mark Thorn

If you’re a beginner, they generally have a bit more volume making them paddle fast and extremely stable once your up. At this point , the more waves you catch the quicker you will improve! If you’re an experienced surfer, you can surf between the flags .It’ll also get you in the water when you normally wouldn’t bother! Overall, we also feel that riding a softboard is fun. You wont take yourself too seriously, or have a bad surf. Matt Charlton

I-SUP Advice and pointers

Thank you for purchasing your Inflatable SUP from Hot surf 69 . Your I-SUP is made from multi layered, coated and reinforced PVC and is a very durable peice of kit. However, being an inflatable product, it can possibly form a leak or accidentally be punctured. Your I-SUP comes with a patch kit for the unlikely event that you should accidentally puncture your board. When fixing a leak, please be sure to inflate your I-SUP to at least 7 to 10 PSI prior to adhering the patch to the area with the leak.

Do not attempt to fix the hole while the I-SUP is deflated!• Be sure to follow the directions and warnings! Test your board for leaks in shallow water first for at least 10 to 15 minutes (close to shore) before paddling to water which is over your head – listening, looking and feeling for leaks (you’ll notice a decrease in pressure if the leak has not been properly fixed). ALWAYS keep a life jacket or life preserver on board your I-SUP! We strongly recommend that you wear your life jacket while paddling on the water.

It is also recommended to keep a whistle on your person or board to enable you to notify the nearest person for help in the event you need any.

Enjoy the Ride!