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Thousand of bodyboards and surfboards end up in landfill every year, here at Hot surf 69 and Piran surf we are working together with local environmental agencies such as “Beach Care” (Coastal element of “Keep Britain tidy”) and, more locally PACE (Perranzabuloe Action for Climate Emergency) to try and improve this situation.

So what are we doing to do our bit for the environment and to fight climate change?………

“Re Stoke”

We have our ongoing “Re Stoke” stamp guarantee…All of our bodyboards and surfboards come with the “Re Stoke” badge of approval. This is a stamp of guarantee. Each product with this icon has been tested and is proven to last through multiple usages. On bodyboards it means that this particular board follows the 3 golden rules of a multi use board. These are;:

HDPE slick bottom.  This adds strength and flex to help against snapping. It also keeps the leash plug form excessive “wiggle” stopping the hole widening and causing weaknesses and pull –through.

XPE deck skin. This is an added deck skin that helps with strength and flex and prevents excessive leash “wiggle”

Webbing leash at Minimum. Anything less than a webbing leash EG String, twine or cord  can have a cheese-wire effect and can ruin your board quickly. This is a big reason for discarded boards.

We are very excited to announce our New Eco Projects that we have been working on, some already very successful!

Wood Belly boards

We are part of the local environmental group PACE which is a group set up in 2020 which is working to develop a climate action plan to underpin the activities that we undertake as a Parish to achieve carbon neutrality. Banning the use of bodyboards on beaches just wasn’t an option in our eyes so we started working on these new exciting environmentally friendly ideas.

During our research into the market for more environmentally friendly options it became apparent that the old Skool classic wood belly board shaped bodyboard was the only option. Perranporth is the home of wood Belly boarding so we know more than anyone that this is no doubtedly a fantastic option, however it isn’t suited to everyone. This style of board is very long children and families may struggle with this. We have redesigned the shape to make it more accessible for all to use. 

Our new “Surfrider” is shorter and wider than the original bellyboard shape, this makes it easier for all to use and is a wave catching machine!

This shape was designed in house and tested at Perranporth beach, the Home of Wood Belly Boarding.

As well as a varnished version, our “Surfrider” comes as a “paint your own option” which is a great chance for people to get creative and make their own unique board, we encourage people to use Eco Paint for an even more environmentally friendly option. 

Inflatable Bodyboards

A whole new take on the bodyboard is our new inflatable bodyboard the “i-Mustang”.

With so many bodyboards being thrown away at the end of a family holiday we did some brain storming and realised that this could be down to the annoyance with carrying and travelling with them. we came up with the new i-Mustang as a solution.  a very similar construction to an inflatable stand up paddle board 

These durable quality boards have a very similar construction to an inflatable stand up paddle board with reinforced rails for extra rigidity. They come in their own bag with a shoulder carry strap so not only does it pack down easily to fit in the car but they also transport easily to and from the beach.

They have a small adaptor which fits any regular bike pump.

We started this venture as a trial last summer and they were so successful they sold out within a month, our new stock will be in in January…so don’t miss out!

Softboard Project

Our newest project which we are very excited about is our brand new hand crafted Eco softboards…made in South Africa. `

We are only in the early stages but are working with professionals in composites and engineering who already work in motorsport, watersport and aviation. We endeavour to find an eco friendly softboard but without compromising on performance and hopefully on price.

We will keep you updated as this project progresses including our JBay testing footage….

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