All Surfers should own a soft board as the best surfer in the line up is the one having the most fun.


  1. Easy to learn ,   The foam deck gives you a great stable platform to learn and improve on. 
  2. Surf More ,  Soft board will allow you to surf more in all types of conditions.
  3. Improve ,  With the new soft foam technology boards ride more like a hard board. 
  4. Cost , Soft boards are a great inexpensive way into surfing. 
  5. Safe ,  Soft will hurt less and with safety fins you can run your mate over. 
  6. Damage  , Easier to repair and with a waterproof core you can roll with a few dings. 
  7. All Levels , Soft boards can be ridden by all levels of surfers. One board for the family.
  8. Cool , Soft boards old stigma has gone. Soft boards are Cool. 
  9. Sizes ,  The Soft boards range is massive and cater for sizes , ages and abilities. 
  10. Crowds ,  With surfing becoming more popular lots of surfers are turning to soft boards to improve wave count in the line up.  Plus soft is a great safety option on a busy beach. 

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